UrbanLux Builders Layouts and Who They are Best For

Learn About Layouts and Their Benefits

At UrbanLux, we give our customers choice variety. This means that if you are a customer with us, you get the opportunity to choose where you want to live, what layout you want, and any other add-ons you would like. In this blog, we will go over the many different floorplans available to you and which home is  better suited for each living style. For instance, our ranch style homes are advantageous for large families with two or more children. We hope, by reading this blog, that you will gain a better idea of our available floorplans and how you can benefitfrom them. By this, perhaps choosing one of our layouts can be easier for you!


Our Cypress floorplan is spacious and includes an open layout. Aside from using space wisely, this floorplan also uses energy in better, Earth-friendly ways. For instance, each of these layouts are built to incorporate energy efficient low-E windows. This means that you not only will be able to seal in heat or cold air better, but you will be able to conserve energy for your home as a whole.

Included in this home are nine-foot ceilings and a six-foot cedar fence around your property. This means that you can enjoy your spacious home with the privacy you desire. What separates UrbanLux Builders from other building companies is that they include fencing set up, tile work, and even a landscaping package in their initial building process. That’s right, full landscape packages with irrigation setups are included!


If you are looking for a modest home that can support your family, our Lantana layout is simply perfect. Its open floorplan opens up the entire area and makes the home look a lot bigger. Aside from the open floorplan, the house is designed with controls for home automation and energy efficient windows. This single-story home is ideal for elderly couples, or any homeowner that doesn’t care for stairs. Because this home is on one level, the layout is extremely easy to navigate through. For an elderly couple, this house can be a great find because it is one story and includes its own appliances. When you are older, the last thing you want to do is install your own appliances. With an UrbanLux home, each residence is practically move-in-ready!  


Our Magnolia floorplan is a two-story home that exemplifies pure luxury! In this home, you can lounge comfortably with nine-foot ceilings and porcelain tile work in the bathrooms and kitchen. This spacious four-bedroom home is ideal for a family that needs a lot of space. Included in this home are ample amounts of space for storage, cars, toys, you name it! And, while this home has many benefits in terms of its size, the style and luxury of the home cannot be missed. For instance, with our Magnolia layout, you can receive incredible tile work, energy efficient windows, and a gorgeous staircase. This home is perfect for families for more reasons than just one. Though the bedrooms are large and the master bathroom is truly a sight to behold, this home has a breathtaking backyard. If you have a family, a large backyard is a must. Our Magnolia layout incorporates a spacious backyard, complete with a landscaping package with irrigation installation. That’s right! We install your irrigation system for you!

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse layouts are very popular right now for many reasons. For one, farmhouse layouts are very large, spacious, and generally on one level. They are particularly advantageous for large families or couples that don’t enjoy walking up and down staircases. Farmhouse layouts generally feature an open layout, which makes the space feel larger, cleaner, and more organized. Our modern farmhouse layout is to die for, but not just for its large and open floorplan. This expertly laid out plan makes living with a big family peaceful and stress-free. How? All bedrooms are arranged in a way that each person can have their own corner of the house. The master bedroom, especially, is located on the far side of the house, away from the other bedrooms. This can give parents their much-needed space, especially if guests are staying over or children are being rowdy.

Modern Prairie

This house is incredibly big. If you would like plenty of room for your growing family, a house this size could accommodate you. Not only does this home have five full bedrooms, but it also includes four bathrooms. This means that your family doesn’t need to fight over bathrooms, space, or even bedrooms anymore. Because this home is so large, it is able to support large families with multiple children. And, if your family has plenty of items, the house has ample opportunities for storage. And, if your growing family happens to have older kids or a car collector, the three-car garage is sure to comfortably fit all of your vehicles.

When we say that this house is big, we mean it! 4,581 square feet is all yours and features 14-foot ceilings. And, as if this home could not be more enticing, the home also comes with a full covered patio, a pool, and a private spa.


If you are looking for a modest house to support a young family, the Monterrey floorplan can be a dream home for you. This two-story home has everything you need to call four walls and a roof your home! This floorplan features three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. So, if you are a smaller family (one or two children) this home can be the perfect size.


Our Ponderosa layout is a great layout for a small family that wants a lot of room. At 2,255 square feet, this home is very large and offers plenty of space. With three bedrooms, a small family can live very comfortably and still have room for a guest. This floorplan features nine-foot ceilings and three sides of masonry. Whether you are lounging in the living room or spending time in the three separate bedrooms, this home is incredibly constructed to offer each resident their own space.


Our Redbud layout is something we at UrbanLux are very proud of. This 2,625 square foot house features four large bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. This two-story home incorporates both luxurious living with modest style. If you are looking for a gorgeous home to fit your medium-sized family, this house has enough bedrooms and extra space to support your family. At the same time, if you don’t have a family, but would like a nice, spacious home to retire in, this home is also ideal.


Our Sequoia floorplan is a simple one-and-a-half story home, yet features a myriad of features. From extensive bedrooms, tiled bathrooms, and a two-car garage — this home has everything you would want! And, if the size of the home is not enticing enough, you will be astounded by the size of the green backyard. If you have a small family or even pets, a large backyard can be perfect for you.

UrbanLux Builders in San Antonio

At UrbanLux Builders, we are dedicated to give you a luxury home that is perfect for you. Your living situation is important to your life and we want to offer a quality home to call your own. Contact us today if you are interested in any of our floorplans.


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